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The ISPIRE brand was created in Venice, California by owner and founder Tony Liu, to meet the needs and demand for Cannabis vaping.

Its goal was also to provide a solution to several complaints related to the malfunction and poor performance of cannabis cartridges available at that time on the market, as well as to help cannabis producers deliver a better product and a better experience for consumers.

Tony Liu, owner and founder of Aspire, has designed and patented many inventions in the vape industry such as BVC coils which are used throughout the e-cigarette industry.

ISPIRE prides itself on its ability to provide cutting edge products that meet customer needs in a sanitary environment that meets standards and is free of heavy metals.

With more than 10 years of experience in the manufacture of products related to electronic cigarettes, ISPIRE guarantees that its products are certified "safe to inhale".

In addition, since March 2020, ISPIRE has patented the "Ducore Technology" using a double ceramic resistance which allows to have a full experience of flavor and vapor. A single resistor is also available under the name: “DACORE. "

Today we are entering the European market to bring a new standard following the partnership with The Best of Nature specialist in CBD products with a new range of products specially designed for their extractions.


We have tested the coil hundreds of times with different testers, and as dual coil testers they all agree that the Ducore ™ delivers the product very well. In addition to a unique airflow system, Ispire has incorporated a patented anti-leak and anti-clog feature into Ducore ™ to ensure hassle-free performance. We know your CBD extract is expensive, so we've worked tirelessly to give Ducore ™ the best possible performance.
Ducore cartridges are designed for the absorption of thick liquids such as cannabis extraction. Our Ducore cartridges deliver a tight and smooth vapor. Ducore cartridges come with two ceramic coils. The double porous ceramic coil is designed for viscous e-liquids. Vaporization is very efficient and Ducore coils offer one of the highest bioavailability on the market.
Among its advantages, we can highlight a better distribution of CBD extracts and an increased lifespan compared to other types of coils. However, there are some downsides, such as faster consumption, if you inhale too hard. In this blog post, we will talk about the pros and cons of ceramic coils. The coil consists of a porous ceramic material and a coil of Kanthal or nichrome or other coil material, because ceramic does not conduct electricity. The ceramic material envelops the metal coil and acts as an electronic liquid absorbing material.
what are the advantages? Increased life: this is probably the most important advantage over other types of coils. Ceramic protects the coils and helps to increase their lifespan, which can range from a few weeks to several months. However, it depends on the liquids you are vaping. For example, sugary vape liquids damage the coils more quickly.
No Spitbacks: Ceramic is made of a porous material that holds e-liquid better than cotton wicks. In other words, the electronic liquid has to exit through the porous ceramic to reach the mouth, which is much more difficult with porous ceramic than with cotton wicks. Tweak Reduction: You are unlikely to encounter a twitch with a ceramic bit. A dry hit produces an unpleasant taste and this happens when the wick is not properly saturated.
Better Absorption of Viscous Liquids: Many vapers recommend ceramic wicks for vaping nicotine salts and it is also recommended for CBD extracts. Extracts are more viscous and ceramic absorbs viscous liquids better than other absorbent materials. It is therefore recommended for CBD extracts. Better flavor: Ceramic wicks do not alter the taste of CBD extracts. This allows for a cleaner vape and a purer flavor. In other words, these coils do not interfere with the flavor. Plus, more liquid is vaporized with each puff, which means an enhanced flavor experience.


A range of 6 cartridges containing 1 ml of CBD extract, 100% ceramic (inside and outside) with a DUCORE heating system.

Here is the list of tastes on offer: Mango Kush, Super OG, Gelato, Snow Bud, Banana Kush, Super Lemon Haze.

The best of nature uses real terpenes and not assembly terpenes as in the world of E-liquids, all available in 30% and 50% extraction, as well as 2 batteries, a Pen battery of 270 mAh and a battery Palm more compact from 400 mAh.

The CBD proposed by The Best of Nature for this product will be in Broad Spectrum (therefore without THC). Extremely high quality Gold extraction in a 1Ml cartridge.

In addition, all their analyzes are available online to ensure great transparency on the composition of the extracts. This is how The best of nature became known. Being qualitative is done

automatically notice. The best of nature is a company recognized in the field of natural products and CBD.

The best of nature has specialized in vaporizing extracts 2 years ago now and this is their third

vape pen model.

The goal of this The best of nature / Ispire collaboration was to perfect their second model and make it one

model that stands out in terms of innovation.

Moreover, the purpose of the ceramic was not to modify the product during the

heats up and throughout its use. This cartridge allows the product to stay the same color and taste

while other types of metal cartridges turn brown and change tastes during use. Ceramics

allows a more delicate and fluid vaporization on the inspiration. Ducore Technology makes it possible to improve all these

points and take the experience of vaporizing extract to another level of precision, and what's more, it's patented.

Do not use in case of respiratory problem!