Propolis - Ginseng and royal jelly and Vitamin

Propolis - Ginseng and royal jelly and Vitamin
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Our propolis is pure, we call it "pure" because we clean it with the greatest care.

This is how at Grow -The best of nature we want to share these products with you. Here is their story.

What is propolis?

Bees make propolis which they use to glue their hive materials together, mixing beeswax and other secretions with resins from the buds of conifers and poplars.

These resins have natural germicidal properties. For centuries, people have used propolis on wounds and as a remedy for conditions ranging from acne to cancer, osteoporosis, itching and tuberculosis.

Propolis today

Propolis is used in the manufacture of chewing gum, cosmetics, creams, lozenges, ointments and has been studied as a dental sealant and tooth enamel hardener. A number of studies have tested its effectiveness in humans and animals as a treatment for burns, minor wounds, infections, inflammatory diseases, toothache and genital herpes.

Although promising, the results of these studies are preliminary. However, propolis has proven antibiotic and antiseptic properties and may also have antiviral and anti-inflammatory effects. We consider it a safe and useful home remedy.

Pure propolis, what are its therapeutic properties?

  • It improves oral hygiene (oral hygiene).
  • It accelerates the healing of canker sores (aphthosis).
  • It has healing properties against gingivitis
  • For the prevention of cavities.
  • To prevent halitosis (bad breath).
  • It has healing properties against gingivitis.
  • A remedy for dental abscesses.
  • Prevention against dental caries.
  • It helps to fight against cold sores but also against genital herpes.
  • And finally, it promotes the prevention of vaginal yeast infection.
  • Against cystitis.
  • It is also a solution against acne (black point).
  • For the protection of the skin and nails (wrinkles).
  • For the healing of cold sores.
  • An antiseptic against pimples.
  • To reduce the buttons of chickenpox.
  • Help the healing of shingles.
  • Reduce warts.
  • It is effective in treating burns.
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • It is a powerful pain reliever (natural analgesic).
  • Against inflammation of the intestine (IBD) (Staphylococcus aureus).
  • For the prevention of inflammation of the colon.
  • Against muscle pain.
  • Against burns.
  • Relief for osteoarthritis.
  • Accordion ContentIt has antiviral (flu) properties as well as antifungal (antimycotic) properties.
  • It helps prevent respiratory infections (infections of the respiratory tract) (angina).
  • It fights against free radicals (oxidative stress) and against bacteria and viruses (rhinitis, otitis, angina, laryngitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis, sore throat, cold).
  • To fight against the effects of Helicobacter pylori.
  • Limit diarrhea.
  • Accordion ContentPropolis is a natural remedy for hair loss (baldness treatment).
  • It accelerates hair growth (regrowth), (proliferation of keratinocytes).
  • It has recognized properties against candidiasis (cutaneous) but also anti-cancer (prevention) properties (studies in progress).
  • It provides protection against pollution (allergies).
  • To regenerate the intestinal flora.
  • To prevent rheumatism.
  • To slow the growth of tumors (prostate cancer) (studies in progress).
  • Help against asthma.
  • A tool against candida albicans
  • Reduce hay fever.
  • To provide protection against ear infections.
  • Fight ringworm.