Hydrosoluble CBD Oil 7.5% - CBG 2.5%

Hydrosoluble oil CBD 7.5% CBG 2.5% - Unique Innovation in the World by The Best of Nature. Discover our revolutionary hydrosoluble oil, merging 7.5% CBD and 2.5% CBG. This exclusive formula, first of its kind, offers exceptional bioavailability for rapid and effective absorption. Organicly cooked, this soluble oil combines the benefits of CBD and CBG for optimal support. Buy now for an innovative wellness experience with The Best of Nature. Enjoy the unique benefits of our water-soluble oil for better quality of life.

Instructions for use of CBD Hydrosoluble Oil 7.5% CBG 2.5%

Start with 1 to 2 drops to see the effects.

apply 1 drop of body care oil on the desired surface or apply to any body care cream once a day.

You can renew the operation if necessary.

However, depending on the quantities, you can feel a slight sleepiness.

If so, you can choose to take your product at night before bedtime. Grow-The best of nature CBD oil, perhaps one of the simplest methods to add hemp oil in your daily routine. If you are curious about the potential benefits of CBD, we encourage you to read many articles on the Internet and also watch videos and learn more about what hemp oil could do for you.

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Hydrosoluble oil CBD 7.5% - CBG 2.5%

Our Hydrosoluble oil CBD 7.5% - CBG 2.5% is a organic product made from the best European hemp.

Our Hydrosoluble CBD 7.5% - CBG 2.5% double full spectrum (assembling two plant extracts in one product) is the more powerful product of the market European.

He a summer created par process de nano-emulsion, what who allows de recovery en 10 - 15 min the effects beneficial of the spectrum complete de what product.

We we process en reduction the molecules en nanometers and to the combine with one emulsifier and one oil support MCT.

We we made one assembly perfect between the CBD 7.5% and CBG2.5% ( the ratio 3/4 - 1/4 perfect for his two types de molecules).

The CBD Hydrosoluble is up to five times more powerful only sound counterpart to base oil en reason de sa bioavailability more important. This is equivalent to of the CBD 37.5% +/- and CBG 12.5% +/-.

This is product becomes so the more powerful of Europe with one absorption extremely fast and globalized in the body ( more easy for not not having of the effects de overdose and de vasodilatation).

Start par 1-2 drops for see the effects.

This guarantees our users a Hydrosoluble oil CBD 7.5% - CBG 2.5% as pure as possible.

Instruction: Shake well before employment.

10 Ml

Gout: Natural

CBD - CBG %: 7.5% - 2.5%

CBD - CBG Mg : 750Mg - 250Mg

Ingredients: CBD 7.5% and CBG 2.5% in full spectrum,

mCT oil and natural terpenes. Issue of hemp Bio.

Can not be delivered and sold in Luxembourg!
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34 Reviews
J'expérimente l'hydrosoluble depuis 3 semaines, en complément de l'huile de CBD que je prends depuis 2018, complémentée depuis avec du CBG.
Très bénéfique pour moi qui ai une sclérose en plaques primaire progressive.
Je prends 2 gouttes dans un verre d'eau quand, par fatigue et épuisement, je sens les tensions et la spasticité arriver, en milieu de journée ; également au coucher, ce qui me permet de passer une nuit SANS tension. Effet radical et rapide.
Une très bonne alternative au VAP PEN auquel je n'ai pas encore pu me faire (ancienne asthmatique ; 5 clics de suite avec les problèmes de préhension liés à la SEP est une vraie gajeure !).
Peut sembler un coût, mais en 3 semaines, je n'ai usé qu'1/5e du flacon !
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